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Victory Celebration of Honorable Narendra Modi – 08.17.2014

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The Chicagoans and community organizers from various States from India got together in Schaumburg under the leadership of Mr. Naren Patel, Vishwa Gujarati Samaj-USA President to discuss and plan the mega event of celebrating victory of India’s Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi. Photo of these organizers speaks the volume. The excitement was such we have never seen before in Chicago land area and the message was we are Indians first before we are Hindu, Muslim, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sikh, Maharastrian or South Indian. All organizations participated whether it is political, social, not for profit, cultural, or language club. We believe that we all take great pride in our own matru-bhasa, however, unanimously people agreed that Hindi is our national language and in schools and in voting booths, it should be only one language we should mention and that is Hindi. Organization included all media and newspapers, TV Asia, both FIAs, AIA, MAFS, VGS-USA, all Patidar Samaj, Brham Samaj, Vaishnav Samaj, Hindi Club, Manpasand, IAMA and IAMACF, Gujarati Samaj and Culture Associations, Temples, Churches, Mosques, so many Senior Parivars of Chicago land area, Kerala Samaj, Orrissa Samaj, Kaunkani Samaj, UP Samaj, Kashmiri Samaj, Sindhi Samaj, and many more join hands and agreed to have one celebration under the umbrella of Vishwa Gujarati Samaj-USA. The event organizers are Naren Patel from Medstar Lab, Event Chair Mafat Patel from Patel Brothers, Bhavana Modi from Manpasand, Dr. Yash Amin from BAPS, Beena Patel, VGS-USA Secretary, and Kishore Chugh, VGS-USA Treasurer.

This program will be unique, on a grand scale, and magnificent when it comes to decorations and exhibitions, variety of booths, photo-booth for families to take a picture with the cut-out statute of Shree Narendra Modi Ji, souvenirs, various States showcasing their cultural program, special artist Kamlesh Patel from India and well-known playback singer from India.

Guest will arrive at 3:00 p.m. and take a photo in the photo-booth, shopping exclusive jewelry, Indian outfits, and traditional sarees, and most importantly enjoy the exhibition of NAMO’s childhood, political and adult life starting from the Chief Minister to Prime Minister followed by the delicious dinner and cultural program. The program will start at 6:00 p.m. with the American and Indian National Anthem and speech from Dr. Ausuf Sayeed, Consul General of India. Beena Patel and Vandana Jhingan will be the Emcee of the program.

Vishwa Gujarati Samaj is an International Organization of Gujarati Community settled all over the world and we are an extension of this well-known organization. Our Goal and Mission of VGS-USA is similar to VGS India, however, fluctuate slightly.

Celebrate" Gujarat Din" every year in May Participate in the International Indian Women's Conference every year in March Recognize extra ordinary and talented Gujarati in Chicago land area every year Recognize Gujarati in Chicago land who have shown and worked selflessly for Social uplift & humanitarian interests. Promote Gujarati Culture and Heritage and Language in every household Promote and celebrate Indian Festival & Heritage Encourage Gujarati all over the world to participate in the World's Gujarati Conference Support Natural Calamities/Disaster in Gujarat and anywhere else in India Convey Message from CM Narendra Modi in the past and now PM Modi in the future. Support Gujarat Government's Humanitarian & Social uplift & Health awareness project such as Unity Statute, etc. Work with Gujarati community for a future "Gharda Ghar " ( House for seniors ) Project Our future goal is to include scholarship program for the deserving Gujarati and Indian Students at large. To bring Gujarati community under one umbrella to encourage & fulfill Mission of VGS-USA. Picture speaks a volume in terms of participation from the community and the meeting of this magnificent event and other program.

Vishwa Gujarati Samaj-USA started in 2009 in Chicago by Naren Patel when he got appointed and later on got elected as the Vice President of Vishwa Gujarati Samaj by Global Ahmedabad Office Bearers and President Mr. Krishnakant Vakharia for USA. Our first main event was planned in May 2010 with the celebration of Gujarat Din on a grand scale. We established membership guidelines and promoted Gujarat & Gujarati culture to Gujarati community & Families and started our own website . (With many efforts from our team leaders & VGS board)) the organization grew ( Socially ) with leaps and bounds in no time. The first exhibition was exceptional with the breathtaking history of "Gujarat Ni Gatha and Gujarat Darshan" and exhibition of famous Gujarati people was talk of the town. The Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat program was a hit musical show and many well-known Gujarati participated in the cultural program. The Vishwa Gujarati Samaj’s President, Krishnakant Vakharia attended Chicago and was very much impressed with the progress of VGS-USA.